How to Plan Your Day as a Work From Home Mom Blogger: Tips and Tricks

How to Plan Your Day as a Work From Home Mom Blogger: Tips and Tricks

How to Plan Your Day as a Work From Home Mom Blogger: Tips and Tricks

As a work from home mom blogger, it can be difficult to balance all of the different aspects of your life. You want to make sure that you are taking care of your children, spending time with your spouse, and getting your work done as well. It can be tough to know how to plan your day so that everything gets done. In this blog post, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to plan your day effectively!

Is it already late in the day? Do you ever feel like you never accomplish anything when you work from home?

When you work from home on your blog and care for your children (or many children in my case), you always feel as if you have fallen short of your daily objectives.

For me, it does. It's not unusual for me to plan my week as a stay-at-home mother with a blog on Sunday night at eleven o'clock! But by then I'm so tired that thinking about the following day is impossible.

Before we delve into the specifics of this post, please read my simple step-by-step guide to start a mommy blog right now!

Let’s go through how to plan your day when you work at home.

1 Get a Bullet Journal

If you want to plan your day down to the last minute, then you need a bullet journal. This is a system where you can write down all of your tasks for the day and check them off as you complete them. This is an amazing way to stay organized and on top of everything that you need to do.

I have everything in one location instead of having numerous notebooks or post-it notes for my to-do items. I can make a bullet journal schedule, keep track of what I'm doing or how my blog is developing each week or month, or make a timetable for when I'll accomplish tasks.

2 Create a Daily Schedule for Time Management

One of the best ways to plan your day is to create a daily schedule. This will help you to know what tasks need to be completed and when. Make sure to include time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as time for work and play.

I use my phone's alarms liberally to keep me on task throughout the day. You can check out some more tips and tricks in this blog post HERE

3 Plan for Distractions

When you are working from home, there will be distractions. It is important to plan for these so that they do not throw off your entire day. For example, if you know that your child takes a nap at a certain time, use that time to work on a task that requires more concentration.

I plan my day in blocks and I plan for distractions. I know that my kids are going to need my attention at certain times during the day, so I plan my work around those times. I also plan for other distractions, like household chores or errands that need to be run.

By following these tips, you will be able to plan your day as a work from home mom.

4 Do the Same Tasks Every Day

I like to have a set schedule for my day as a mother. I want everything to run smoothly. As a result, I do my chores at the same time every day, and I engage in activities with my kids around the same time every day. It makes life more predictable, especially when it comes to small children.

5 Give Yourself a Deadline

I like set deadlines. As a work-from-home mother blogger and stay-at-home mother, I have a very flexible schedule, so I don't need to clock into work or attend meetings.

I have all day to do what I want! The problem with that is that you won't feel accomplished because you have TOO much time. It's strange, but telling yourself you only have four hours to finish something makes it easier for you to accomplish it!

6 Have a Content Schedule When You Work From Home

This is a big one for me. I plan my blog posts ahead of time, and I schedule them to go live on certain days. This helps me to stay on track with my blogging goals, and it also helps me to plan my day around other commitments.

I also like to have a content calendar where I plan out what topics I want to write about each month. This helps me to make sure that I am writing about topics that are relevant to my niche, and it also helps me to plan my day around the content that I want to create.

The basis of your content schedule is to be consistent.

The first step toward establishing a content plan is to figure out when you'll release your blog articles.

For me, working on publishing material occurs on Mondays, but it has evolved over time. Once you've worked out when and at what time you'll publish content, you may choose which days and times to concentrate on:

  • Creating your blog post outline
  • Writing your draft
  • Editing your blog post
  • Creating a pin for your blog post
  • Publishing and promoting

Finally, you'll need a strategy for increasing the amount of visitors to your blog post! Make sure you check out this great website on content for blog traffic to learn more click here!

7 Give Yourself Social Media Breaks

It's fine to take a break from social media for a while. I do! I love chatting with other mom bloggers in my Facebook group, and I adore assisting others with their blog traffic difficulties!

Because I have numerous Facebook pages and groups, I make an effort to keep everything current. And having a strategy for rests is essential when you work from home!

Over to you – how do you plan your day as a mom blogger?

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