How to Create a Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule That Works For You

How to Create a Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule That Works For You

How to Create a Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule That Works For You

Are you a stay-at-home mom struggling to find a workable schedule? You're not alone! Creating a stay-at-home mom schedule that works for you can be tricky, but it's definitely doable. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for creating a schedule that meets the needs of both you and your children. We'll also provide some helpful resources to get you started.

I've been there. On some days, I'm still there. Despite the fact that I've spent a considerable amount of time as both a full-time and part-time housewife, and now work from home, there are times when I'm on the struggle bus just like you. (Move over sister, please allow me to take a seat!)

This article is intended to offer you hope and information about how to make a schedule for yourself and your day. I actually have a fantastic method for making a timetable, but I'll save it for the end of the post... To receive the juicy advice, you must also read all of the other helpful hints!

How do stay at home moms fill their time?

The answer to that question is different for everyone.

Some stay at home moms are also working from home.

Many stay at home moms have hobbies that they enjoy outside of the house.

Other stay at home moms choose to spend their time taking care of their children and family full time. A typical mother is a cook, chauffeur, counselor, housekeeper, breadwinner, mama bear, cheerleader, and nurse.

I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't use their own judgment when it comes to fashion. However, there have been numerous instances when we've left the house without caring or having time to put on makeup or even match our socks. Seriously. The motherhood job routine may be tough at times. Simplifying is crucial.

No matter what your situation is, there are ways to create a stay at home mom schedule that works for you.

Is being a stay at home mom an occupation?

I believe that being a stay-at-home mother is a full-time job. It's one of the few employment opportunities on the planet that never shuts down. Moms are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Being a mother is similar to being on call and on the clock all of the time. Moms never stop working!

(and for me it's the best job I ever had!)

What would a stay at home moms salary be like

The stay at home mom salary would be great if it were real! In all seriousness, stay at home moms are not paid for their work. They don't get vacations or sick days. And they certainly don't get paid overtime!

According to several sources, if a SAHM were paid equally, it would amount to more than $150,000 per year. PER YEAR

That’s pretty amazing, right? 

How can a stay at home mom be successful?

Being a stay at home mom can be very successful if you are organized and have a plan. It is important to find a balance between taking care of your children and taking care of yourself.

You also need to set aside time for your partner, your friends, and your hobbies.

Another method to achieve success is to have direct communication with your children, encourage them with love and optimism, and know at the end of each day that you've given them all the love and support that you can.

How to Create the Best Stay at Home Mom Schedule For You

It's time to try again if you've ever doubted your self-described status as a "mechanical" person. You'll discover that scheduling out your days will give you far more time for the activities that are most essential to you.

Even if it appears strange at first, you will eventually get used to it. Experiment with different types of stay-at-home mother schedules and see which one works best for you and your current situation.

Stay at Home Mom Schedule of Babies and Toddlers

If you are a stay at home mom with babies or toddlers, your days will look very different than they did before kids. You'll probably be up several times during the night for feedings and diaper changes. Your days will revolve around naps, feedings, and playtime.

Toddlers, on the other hand... Getting them organized may be a completely different challenge. There are days when there is a sort of timetable, but not others.

Although it may be difficult to be a stay-at-home mother to infants and toddlers, it does not have to be overwhelming. In reality, you can attempt a limited timetable to see what works best for you. 

If you can, give yourself grace. While you might have a hunch about how the day will turn out, just remember that things can go wrong. It's your responsibility to be there for your children when they need you, which means you can readily modify your schedule as needed.

Stay at Home Mom Schedule of School-Age Kids

If you have school-age kids, your stay at home mom schedule will look a bit different. You'll need to consider their class and activity schedules as well.

Making a stay at home mother's routine when your kids are in school may take many forms. Have the mornings be a time when everyone gets up, dresses for school, and loads into their cars in plenty of time. (it's the little things in life)

Here is an example of what a stay-at-home mom schedule for school-age kids might look like:

Wake up and get everyone ready for the day

Send the kids off to school

Come home and have some breakfast

Start working on your projects or chores

Take a break for lunch

Finish up your projects or chores

Pick the kids up from school

Make dinner as a family

Help with homework/reading time

Free time for the night

As I previously stated, this isn't an actual daily schedule but rather a sample plan that you may adjust as needed. Some days will have more, while others will have less. Just remember that you don’t have to drain your internal battery every single day. Give yourself time to have “you” time as well.

Stay at Home Mom Schedule of Teenage Kids

As your kids get older their schedules will start to become more hectic. You may find yourself running around more often than not.

Their days will be consumed with friends and school, so that means that your days will be consumed with things that you need to get done. 

Starting a business is always a smart idea, and it may be as simple as making a daily schedule out of it. In addition to that, you can also pick up new interests. Creating online courses, channeling your artistic side and creating fun printables, or even picking up some extra work online as a virtual assistant can be a great way to schedule out your day. 

Why not use some of your talents to develop a side business or make extra money if you have more time on your hands?

 Don’t be afraid to use a planner to get you through the day, too!

Final thoughts on Stay at home Mom Schedules

It's like being a yo-yo sometimes being a parent. Some days you're going up, other days you're feeling down, and occasionally it's a mix of emotions.

But at the end of the day, you're doing an amazing job. You should be proud of yourself for everything that you accomplish each day. Creating a stay-at-home mom schedule is just one way to help make your life a little bit easier.

Earlier, I mentioned that I had a fantastic piece of advice that made my planning as a stay-at-home parent much easier. My suggestion to you is this:

You are the master of your own destiny. There is no need to keep up with everyone else's schedule.

I've discovered that it's best to let people know this early, loudly, and clearly. You create a timetable based on your own needs. Your routine shouldn't be tailored to suit someone else's requirements.

My second tip to share with you is this:

Your daily schedule isn’t set in stone.

You have complete control over your schedule, so you may alter it to whatever you want. That's a fantastic sensation, isn't it?

Use a trial-and-error approach to determine whether one works for you, and if not, whatnot. It's no big deal. You keep trying until you discover something that works well. And then guess what? Your kids will grow up, and your demands will change. It's simply how life works.

Being a stay at home mom is awesome so you might as well take advantage of creating an awesome stay at home mom schedule to go right along with it!

Do you have any other tips for stay-at-home moms?

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